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IECIT is an enterprise of education and communication technology having a brilliant track record of offering services in the field of informatics and education. Some of the prominent areas of services are
E Learning , English Enrichment Programme. Software Development, On Demand Services and many more..

Web Enabled Learning

IECIT will offer an opportunity of enhancing your knowledge base through launching several Skill Development programmes that you can easily obtain at the specified learning sites of the organisation. Go through Study Materials. Participate in the Open Discussion on the basis of different topics of your choice.


Learn English

You can perform well after enhancing your linguistic skills. For the same objective you can register your name for evaluating your own progress by visiting the Language LAb section of the organisation. It is expected that you will participate in the programme for gaining more competence. It is designed on the basis of the open ended learning continuity process. ..

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Website Designs

Being an organisation from the field of Information Technology we are providing a wider collection of website design and development aiming toward meeting varying demands of clients from defferent spheres of life. Softwares and application packages like Language Laboratory, Document Repository, Digital Library etc are on the front desk.

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Partners of Progress

Chandan Sukumar Sengupta
The Master mind behind the tireless effort..

Mobile : 09474864613
Arabinda Nagar, Bankura 722101 (WB)
Basically from the field of Zoology, Philosophy and Computer and working in the field of Education since 1995 onwards.

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National Development Portal
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Information Technology has invaded almost all sphere of life and replaced many fascionating activities like letter writing, group discussion etc. Now a days writing a letter has become merely a subject of a fraction of second. One can drop the letter to a person in a second. The data will be trnsmitted to the prefixed destiny with a speed of light. Now a days we can obtain almost all the information from the World wide web. It is easy to access, even easy to correlate with our understanding. It has also reduced our dependency to any faculty or any individual for obtaining information to a greater extent. Get Invovled

Knowledge Explorer
Knowledge Exploration through IECIT Document repository ...

Providing information simply for enrichment purposes is of such type that it will appear in the form of unprocessed segment. Will it enrich the knowledge base of the aspirant? Will it make the aspirant advanced in terms of the gain of knowledge? Is it compensate the involvement of an instructor for catalysing information into knowledge? How one can rely upon the information for capacitating one’s knowledge base? How one can consider information without correlating the need? Several other queries may come in the fore front that can delimit us upto the state of our dilema of considering the information itself as a basal factor of the knowledge formation.

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