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  • Information and Knowledge Revolution

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    Institute of Education Communication and Information Technology. Uplinking People for aspiring the Knowledge Revolution ..

  • Focus

    Technology Transfer

    Complete maintenance model including designing, implementing and monitoring all the aspects related to informatics. Developing different modules, Curriculum Research, Research in Educational Technology, E Learning Implements are some other broad spectrum implements aiming toward qualitative enhancement of the institutional efforts.

  • Milestones

    Services and Products

    Many things came for sharing and some other esperiences dropped from the network for ensuring a refinement based on fundamental values. Some of the developments made our implements sustainable and ever expanding one. Language Lab and Library Automation gained more popularity.

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    IECIT Initiatives

    Institute of Education Communication and Information Technology is an organization of its own kind working in the field of Information Technology since inception. .

  • Focus

    Issues and Concerns

    Kumarappa has an inspiring personality and his life, dedicated as it is, to the service of humanity, bears the impress of his nobility. Born in a well-to-do family he received the highest education in certain subjects in England and in America. He made a deep study of economics and sociology and he developed an amazing insight into the problems of the villagers and their environment.

  • Continuing Education

    Library of Learners

    For personal advancement one can opt for the materials and publications duly circulated by IECIT time to time.

Interaction with our aspirants, fellow members, Project Partners as well as Stakeholders can be arranged as per the specific requests duly forwarded to any of our team members in time. The number of associates of our Closed Innovators Group is increasing day by day. Ever expanding framework of this group in turn defines the quality enhancement of our implements.

People friendly applications duly implemented on the experimental basis and successful modules of application availed timely to Partners of Progress form different areas of activity. Some of the major fields of intervention are Library automation, Language Lab System, Content Management Section, E Journal Creation and Circulation System, Document Repository and many more add on services for institutions of well repute.